Reasonable day… Less depressed, despite insomnia, I don’t feel tired either.

I managed to finally get to sleep for at least a few hours today. I also went on a long walk to the middle of the next town and back. I needed the fresh air. I hadn’t been for a walk or any kind of exercise in a few days. I feel so much better despite my lack of proper sleep. I went out without my coat on. I was fine wearing only a jumper until it got to about 8 when I was nearly back home. I was feeling chilly most of the way back; at least that woke me up as I felt half asleep when I first started walking. I can’t say that I haven’t had enough fresh air today. I didn’t have any sun because it was about half 5 when I went out. I will try to get some sun light tomorrow. I have to be out earlier if I’m going for a walk (my lockdown challenge, long walk daily if I can manage it – if I can’t every two days). I need to be back for my tutorial in the early evening.

There was so many fireworks going off while I was walking back. Even with my music in my ears I could hear the bangs. One scared me because it was extremely loud even with my headphones in my ears. I got back home to find both my cats also freaked out by the noises. Mimi was outside but came back as soon as I got in. Mister was hiding in the cupboard. There was literally fireworks all around the outside of my flat earlier. They were rather loud even with the windows closed. The air has looked smoky all night so there must have been a lot of fireworks being let off. I think that everyone was doing bonfire night the day before due to our lockdown starting tomorrow. It smelt like bonfire night out there while I was on my walk.

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