Another very long night.

I couldn’t sleep much again. That is nothing new. It’s become my normal. I was watching the US election results count on my phone. I hoped that Trump would finally lose his position but it doesn’t seem to be convincingly going in that direction at the moment. America is a large country. It could take days for some of the votes to be counted. There is hope until the whole process is done. I don’t know much about his competitor. I just can’t stand anything about Trump. He cannot be trusted. He’s still in office after many things came out about him. He somehow avoided impeachment. The things he says sometimes are absolutely ridiculous and in many cases offensive. It’s not ‘fake news’ like he portrays when it reflects badly on him. I can’t comprehend why his voters are so loyal to him. They remind me of brainwashed sheep. That didn’t help me sleep last night. I’m not living in that country. The knock on effects for the entire world when it comes to America could be quite worrying. He wouldn’t think twice about starting another war or making dodgy deals with us for trading after brexit. We don’t need people like him in power making things worse. The future for the UK is quite uncertain right now. We had brexit coming into fruition and was hit with the impact of the pandemic along with the rest of the world. I can’t remember any other times I’ve lived through which has been unstable in the same way.

On a personal level I’ve lived through some quite hard times. This is completely different though. We have all been forced to think outside our immediate every day life. We have never been more interconnected regardless of our backgrounds or circumstances. Those of us that do experience psychic dreams etc are suffering quite badly at the moment. I pick up stuff constantly. That means my mind never gets to rest. I’m even connected to things while I’m asleep (on the occasions where I can actually sleep). I do try to turn it off but the dreams part is something that can’t be turned off easily. I just feel tired and drained all the time. It’s not a comfortable way to exist.