I can’t sleep. I know what is waking me up now.

Last night I finally found out what kept waking me around 1 am. It turns out that my cat (mister) keeps meowing at me around that time. He didn’t even want anything. He seemed to just wake me up because he felt like it. I don’t understand the mentality of cats. They sometimes just do things just for the sake of it. He probably woke me because he gets bored at that time. He doesn’t need to come to me. He could go outside to find something entertaining to do. I wouldn’t mind if I didn’t find it impossible to fall asleep after being woken up. I couldn’t. I laid awake all night. Even the cat that woke me up eventually fell asleep next to me. I have a busy day where I am required to be somewhere by lunchtime. I can’t catch up with any sleep during the morning as I need to be organised. I’m mentally in a dark place due to everything around me feeling overwhelming. I can relax for most of this week. I only have my open university module tutorial Thursday evening online. That isn’t too stressful or overwhelming due to not having to even leave my home.