Pre anxious— yes this is real!

I have my bed being delivered tomorrow and I’m already anxious. I have been anxious about it for a few days. Pre anxiety is definitely a thing. It’s a nagging feeling, unlike full blown anxiety. Pre anxiety makes insomnia worse and has made me feel on edge for days prior to any plans. I’ve also obsessively cleaned myself as well as the flat over the last couple of days. I’ve done more ironing then I have in a long time. That is how my anxiety affects me. I never relax in preparation for plans.

I’ve also just broken up a cat fight between mister and the stray cat (Dave/Thor) while typing this entry. Mister now isn’t allowed out after I heard both of them inside they were that loud. Tom cats are very territorial. They tolerate each other unless the other cat gets too close to the window. I’ve taken the fire alarm down because the beep was making me more stressed. I can’t replace the battery in it because it’s a one use only type. The landlord said he would drop another one off in a few days. Luckily it’s shut up now I’ve taken it down but if it starts beeping in the middle of the night it’s going on the draw where I can’t hear it.

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