A brilliant idea… apart from the fact I lack funds.

I went for a walk this evening. There is a pub in town that has been empty since 2016. The place is about £600,000 due to there being about 4 bedrooms upstairs. There is land around it too. I always imagine turning the place into a gothic/emo themed place. There isn’t any bar like that in this area. We need something different because there are far too many average run of the mill pubs around this locality. They didn’t help the business prospects of that pub after opening a bar in the building next to it that was previously a bank. I’m not a fan of that place. I’ve been in there but it’s not really my thing. It’s sad that the pub has been empty for about 3 years now.

They’ve got planning permission to turn it into flats but it will put a strain on the services in this area if more people live here. They’ve already built a few housing estates locally. I can never get in to see my GP due to the virus situation, after people start moving into the new housing estates that will probably be the reason we can’t get appointments. I’m hoping that things are normal when I finally am allowed my annual smear test. The surgery is only doing them if needed at the moment. The doctor I saw thinks I don’t need one since nothing nasty showed up on my internal scan. I still feel that there is something not quite right but apparently I don’t know my own body.

There are times that I wish I had the kind of money required to buy the former pub and make it into the vision I have in my head each time I pass the place on my walks. The place never looked that attractive but I hate to see it boarded up just sat there. The competition in regards to bars in this town is tough. There are far too many pubs in the same street. That is why the closed pub would need to be reopened with a unique selling point. There is a bar in Leicester and in Nottingham which has the alternative gothic/emo type unique selling point. Both of them are probably struggling at the moment as both of those areas have been affected by Covid 19 restrictions. In the long term who knows what businesses will survive. It’s a gamble in the Covid and Brexit times.