This is the best I can do right now.

I used my hours of insomnia to study my OU module. I cannot balance things any other way. The current way I’m dealing with studying hours is far from practical. I cannot do any better at the moment. I feel like I’m clinging on to a wall by the tips of my fingers. I’m desperately trying to hold on but it’s difficult when I’m always exhausted from insomnia. I’ve never suffered insomnia this severely. I can’t stop waking up every hour when I do manage to fall asleep. I don’t have the ability to settle at the moment. I have a lot happening around me which unsettles me. I’m hoping that after the craziness of he current arrangements and changes I will be able to have a settled sleep. I desperately need proper consistent sleep. I’m beyond the point of being sleep deprived. It’s starting to make me feel unwell. Mentally I’m easily overwhelmed. Physically I’m feeling extremely rough.

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