Prediction of the future using tools isn’t always a positive skill.

I can read tarot cards for aspects of life. I asked the cards ‘what is my future?’ The cards generally predict the next six months. I don’t like the cards which were drawn: present: ace of swords reversed, hopes and fears: 3 of wands reversed, obstacles: the queen of swords and future: knight of wands. The swords cards are all pointing to conflict and legalities being against me. I can’t deal with that stress at the moment. I’m fed up with constantly having to fight in my life. The knight of wands can mean moving home suddenly. That brings me back to a dream I had a month ago about doing all this work making the flat less shabby regarding decorating and carpets, a few months later in that dream I got basically kicked out of here. I do hope that something like that isn’t being plotted behind my back. I can’t shake the feeling that this stunt will be pulled on me. It’s like a gut feeling that won’t go away. Then these cards come out.

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