This is how to deal with the virus outbreak… ignore the government because they have no logic.

I’m frustrated about what is currently on the news here in the U.K. Our government has no logic when dealing with this pandemic. They have huge areas built which they refer to as nightingale hospitals. The Covid cases can be taken out of the main hospitals by placing them there. Routine operations, appointments etc do not NEED to be cancelled if there is a reorganisation. Those that work in the NHS and volunteers can stay around the nightingale hospitals dealing with Covid patients only. That isolates those that are potentially going to be infectious. Even with PPE the staff know that they could potentially transfer it from that environment. These are hard times. There is no way that we can avoid the outbreak but we can make the outbreak last a shorter time. If things continue the way they’re organised then it’s going to last longer.

I’m not worried about the virus outbreak. Worrying doesn’t solve anything. It wastes time which needs to be used being practical. I wipe everything down with my bleach, water and disinfectant mix every single day. Door handles, toilet, bath (especially if others share the facilities), surfaces in the kitchen. Then I wash my masks after using them once in each supermarket or other places I’ve been during the day. The solution is mostly water (better hot), 3 drops of bleach and 3 drops of disinfectant. The trick is not to add too much bleach so that the solution doesn’t lighten darker surfaces. Wash your hands with fairy liquid when you get home or use hand gel while you’re out of the house. If people follow this to the letter and the government reorganise in the way suggested above we can get rid of the virus for good.

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