Another comment upset me.

As many of you know I am a member of various groups via social networks. This wasn’t said to me but appeared on a groups conversation via my newsfeed. The woman in the group said that she knew of parents that have had their children placed for adoption and I doesn’t just happen. Basically saying that the parents don’t do what they’re required to do etc. That is complete crap! In my case it was totally discriminatory! The requirement was lose my disability or lose my son to adoption. That wasn’t fair. I was powerless to stop my son being ripped away. They made my issues ten times worse by laying on the stress. They even had a psychological report pre birth saying that they shouldn’t do exactly what they ended up doing. In my case, I cannot speak for all, it was pure injustice. That is why I ended up so distressed, got into trouble for reaching out in a begging type of way. That is why my moms can never truly rest! I will never get justice because an adoption can’t be reversed. He now would see me as a stranger anyway. He won’t remember that there was anything before his current life. I went everywhere I could to try to stop the adoption. I asked a lot of people to help me back when I would have still been able to legally challenge it. They all ignored me, got me into trouble and walked away.