Overwhelmed by the outside world right now / Asperger syndrome assumptions that aren’t correct.

I can’t be the only one who feels overwhelmed by things at the moment. The news is so depressing when it comes to the virus. As someone who is intuitive I’m naturally tuned into the general feeling of conflict out there. I try to chill by telling myself I don’t have to worry about things that are technically ‘out of my control’. I still worry despite telling myself there’s no point. I just don’t like feeling powerless when I’m able to feel things intuitively. There is no logic to anything at this current time. I also read something on an autism group which irritated me.

There is an attitude when it comes to others assuming they ‘Understand Asperger syndrome’. Their attitudes can be patronising. The knock on effects can mean a vast amount of unfavourable and pure discrimination for those of us with that diagnosis. Let me just set the record straight. There will be individuals that are neurotypical who claim to understand individuals with this condition but have absolutely no clue. They’ve damaged things for us due to the inaccurate advice given to others that are newly introduced to the condition. The lack of empathy assumption has caused irreversible damage to individuals in our community. Why should anyone treat us like we have feelings when we lack empathy towards others? We do have feelings and we do possess empathy. We just don’t express it like a neurotypical. I’ve been through a lot of soul destroying things during my life. I sympathise but at the same tine I’m also tough. This means that I have a reinforced mental wall against any further hurt. That’s an age thing regardless whether you’ve got a form of autism. The hurt we go through as a youngster discovering aspects of life for the first time stats with us throughout the rest of our lives. There is another aspect when it comes to assumptions regarding Asperger syndrome diagnosis. The neurotypical individuals who assume they know how we perceive the world. They claim that we don’t see things the same way as a non autistic person. That isn’t true. We just aren’t conditioned by the average social rules. They simply do not have any logic to them. The only reason certain aspects of social rules exist is because generations of people have always done things a certain way. Those things have become the ‘normal’. We are seeing new normals due to the virus outbreak. We need to embrace aspects of that ‘new normal’. I get extremely offended when others make an assumption about how I think due to diagnosis. I do NOT think in a defective way. The different way in which we apparently perceive the world isn’t wrong. It doesn’t have to be perceived as a problem within neurotypical society. Neurotypicals think that it is perfectly ok to gaslight us while talking down to us like we are unequal due to a diagnosis. It’s out of order. It needs to stop!

One response to “Overwhelmed by the outside world right now / Asperger syndrome assumptions that aren’t correct.”

  1. Assumptions can and often do great harm. Both my daughter and myself have aspergers but both of us have huge empathy, and again your correct on the way we process things and that can blow up in our faces as we see a logical step and others don’t get it. The current situation is a worrying one as again people’s Assumptions are rational seem so wrong at the moment.


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