Drunk, fat and I no longer care.

I have got fat because I’m drinking alcohol regularly. I haven’t been for a walk in days. I don’t care. I can’t sleep at night. I’ve learned to sleep during the day. All the other women who bitched me out of jealousy can be rest assured that my looks are fading quickly. I got fat and I’m sure that many of them are loving that aspect of my life. I’m slowly getting ugly due to addiction issues so they may celebrate now. As I said. I seriously do NOT care. Alcohol numbs my intuitive side which gives me a much needed break. I don’t want to know what is going to happen in dreams. Reality in regards to the virus outbreak is also something I want to numb myself against too. If I’m drunk then I cannot feel anything or receive dreams… at least I won’t remember them anyway.

One thought on “Drunk, fat and I no longer care.

  1. I can’t comment on whether you are fat or ugly but I can tell you that I have been reading your diary and although you may need to block things out with drink and that will work for a while it won’t suppress it for long. You have a good heart and feel things far more than most and thats why life hurts so much. Please take care .


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