Stressed out … can’t sleep again.

I have lay here for hours constantly awake. I just can’t sleep. I slept a bit yesterday so it’s not going to feel too bad. Both of my cats are snoozing on the end of my bed. I would love to sleep that comfortably. Unfortunately, being human, that isn’t natural for me. Cats have nothing to worry about. Everything is done for them and they have no concept of the outer world. The only world they know is what surrounds them in here and outside in the garden when they go out there. That sounds a wonderful existence. I wish my brain just turned off at night. I have got to the point where I’ve got stressed due to inability to sleep tonight. I fell asleep on the sofa this evening so I logically should have got to sleep when I went to bed. The fact that I keep seeing 555 on a daily basis is also not helping. I just don’t trust that number. I’ve heard too many stories about bad luck after people have seen it.