Some things just make my day :)

I don’t want to go into things in detail because we live in quite a small town. I felt down when I got up this morning. I went for a walk to wake up before I had to be home for something else. Anyway, I ended up chatting to someone I knew through a local theatre company. Alliances have changed over time so they said hello to me. I also found out that someone who got difficult with me and kicked me out of this particular group for aspects of my autism now has an autistic stepson. I know that I shouldn’t be secretly liking the news and I’m probably a terrible person for that but I seriously don’t care. I can’t help but feel smug. It’s like karma has indirectly bitten the person who got rid of me and got the police involved for my autism traits. I do hope that they treat this step relative better than they did me.

I feel terrible for even thinking mean. There are certain times when thinking that way is essential though. It’s like me feeling sorry for a person who got me sent to prison after obtaining an order against me using my autism traits to justify it. They got made redundant from their lecturer job a few months after they caused me to be sent to prison. I felt guilty about it. I’ve had friends that do understand autism repeatedly tell me that I should have absolutely no sympathy for them.

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      1. I know. And I know you still feel bad about “that person” and you should feel the same way you do about today’s news.

        Also for the record, I know that strictly speaking, “schadenfreude” just means happiness at someone else’s bad luck which isn’t an attractive trait in itself, but it’s pretty much always used in the context of karma in that their own nastiness has finally caught up with them and is well-deserved.

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