Beauty tips: for those with greasy skin/hair.

I’m going to stress that you should always use the proper products made for washing skin and hair on a regular basis. This tip is only supposed to be used on occasions where you’ve got a build up of grease from various soaps and/or oils used regularly on skin and hair. The point where you end up with spots due to product build up is the appropriate time to use this tip. I don’t know if anyone has heard this tip before as it first circulated in the 1970s. Obviously as I didn’t exist then I cannot take full credit for the idea. I tried it as an experiment to see if it helped my product grease build up issues. I used fairy liquid. The first part I used in my bath. Only a drop is required to work. That made my skin feel clarified by removing the grease and leaving my skin soft without the sticky product residue which body washes had left over months of accumulation.

I also used it on my hair as the oils I use had accumulated alongside product residue. I need to stress the point of DO NOT APPLY Fairy liquid to the lengths of hair. Only apply a 5p sized amount all over your scalp. Then rinse the hair until you can no longer feel any foam or fairy liquid product residue in the hair. This technique doesn’t work unless you ensure that the fairy liquid is either extremely diluted (as in the bath), and completely rinsed out of hair. The ratio of detergent to water is extremely important. Too much could soak up the grease but also dry out skin or hair.

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