I’m not a snowflake… explanation follows.

I know that others find my attitude kind of hard to understand. However, I’m not a snowflake. That doesn’t mean I want to invalidate the trauma that others have experienced. I hardened myself up so that I can function properly in my life. I wouldn’t be able to be living independently if I let my trauma stop me from doing things in every day life. I’m still unable to consistently function when I get tired easily. I may seem passively aggressive but I stick up for myself. I’ve had many cruel things done and said to me. I no longer let others do those things towards me without being told straight. I’ve had many friends that have treated me awfully because I was socially different due to my autism etc. I’ve been in two groups of girls in my life while at different colleges. The other girls, especially the one that took the lead in our group, used to miss me out every time it came to handing out gifts. It was like I didn’t exist when it came to kindness. I hung out with them but wasn’t really treated as part of the clique. I don’t know if it was the way I looked due to the leader of these friendship groups always being a little overweight and not blessed with good looks. I was a bit overweight but I still had an okay figure. I didn’t hang about with people outside of college because I wasn’t that type of person. Especially when I lived in a residential care home while at one college. I was surrounded by people at home unless I spent time in my room in the evenings. The people I lived in the home with were quite hard work at times due to their autism. I need a lot of me time after being around people. I only have a limited social capacity before I feel worn out. I do like other people but in small dosages. I do care about others. I just have to disappear as that is how my own life trauma has affected me.

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  1. The need for “me time” is the only way many of us can deal with life. The more social interaction the more me time needed. Your definitely not a snowflake.


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