World mental health day.

I would normally post something related to world mental health day. The problem is that I’m literally booked up all day and evening. I have to be up early due to my open university module legal skills workshop online at half 9 in the morning. I don’t like getting up early, especially with insomnia, but it all goes towards actually passing my undergraduate law degree. I’m at level 1 so it’s going to be about learning how to write in the required way before level 2 starts to introduce specific areas of law. This year is about the same as last year, only we have skills tutorials to learn the writing techniques. Those of us without A levels had to start with the introduction module last year. We didn’t have as many tutorials and learned our writing skills via our personal tutors feedback on our TMAs. This current module is the equivalent to the first year of undergraduate study. It’s quite daunting as this year they’re encouraging us to talk on our mics while in tutorials. We can still type in the chat box if we don’t feel comfortable but they prefer us to get used to communication via the mic in the meeting software. I will be doing a few bits of housework after the online skills class has finished. In the evening I’m off to a family members for dinner and look something up for them on the laptop. I slept most of the day on Friday so that I have the energy required to be on the go all day.