I should be able to sleep… but, nope it’s not happening.

There is absolutely no way that I should be able to stay awake. However, here I am awake at a stupid hour (nearly 5am). I only slept for a few hours yesterday. There isn’t any logical reason why I shouldn’t be tired especially after my long walk today. It doesn’t make any sense …. how can I even still be awake? How can I not even feel tired? I can’t even stay still. I have moved around so much trying to get comfortable that both of my cats decided I was keeping them awake. They went to sleep in the cupboard/storage room. I can’t settle down to relax let alone sleep. I have to be up in the morning as the gloss paint is being done. I have to wipe the area down before my mum even gets here. The fact that I’m not even asleep yet is going to make being up extremely difficult. I can sleep a bit during the day but when it comes to the night it’s not happening. I’m fed up. I’m exhausted. I haven’t slept properly for a long time. There is a point when it’s too much. I need a break but I can’t have one if I don’t have the ability to sleep like a normal person.