Expensive day!

I am over Hinckley today. I’m writing this on a walk so it probably won’t be a long post. In a nutshell it’s been a very expensive day. I’m now officially skint. The whole cost of furniture and the replacement carpets have come to approximately a total of £1000. I’m glad that I had savings but there’s not much left in those accounts now. I just received one of those spam social network message offering money. They gave up trying to carrot me when I replied ‘ do you think I was born yesterday like?’. I’m fed up of the constant scammers online. There are certain things that you can say which will shut them up instantly. I’m just not interested. I treated myself to a vegan roll on the way passed Greggs. I’ve not had one for ages and not had time to eat all day. That should do me good though as I’m needing to lose the weight that I managed to gain after drinking alcohol regularly. I’ve cut down but I do need a drink after working on my law module and I have a load of housework to do when I get home. I’m surprised that I even got up today. I didn’t sleep until half 6 this morning. I woke up at half 9. I missed my medication by accident. I literally got up and went straight out after putting the washing on etc.