Lowering expectations to have a relationship :/

I keep being advised that I should lower my expectations if I ever want to ‘be in a relationship’. I’m not that desperate to be in a relationship at this point in time. I have been told the above advice by loads of different people. I just don’t think that I can lower my expectations. I see that as being fake. Those that know me are fully aware that I find it very hard to ‘fake it’ in anything social related. I also don’t see the point of being fake in any shape or form. That is why many relationships fail nowadays. People assume that the person they’re getting to know are a certain way, the way they’re faking it. That is impossible to keep up on a long term basis within a relationship. The mask will slip at some point over a number of years if you do manage to stay together. I am probably too much for some people. I believe in being me in a what you see is what you get kind of way. I seem open but at the same time I have many layers to me. Some of those layers will never be revealed to anyone in future relationships. They aren’t bad things. Some may be slightly weird to others. I’m still a genuine person despite keeping layers of me concealed from others in friendships.

I would love to have another child in a relationship at some point. I just like too many aspects of being single to give up those things yet. I would never have another child on my own because it was harder than I’d imagined the first time around. I like my own space which you don’t get in a relationship, especially if you move in together. I don’t particularly like people after the things I’ve been through. I’m sure that I’ll get over some of the hurt one day. I may start to like people again at some point in the future. I just don’t like them at this moment in time.

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