Another room painted.

I painted the bathroom at a late hour last night. I got to bed about 4am. I wasn’t able to sleep until nearly 6am. I spent most of the day in bed but wasn’t consistently asleep. I was technically snoozing with the cats. I should have got up earlier before I had to go out because there’s many bits of litter tray, dust and hair around the place. I put the vacuum around yesterday. The cats then got litter grit around, shedded fur and my hair sheds too. It has to be done on a daily basis for that reason. I don’t know how the cats manage to trail litter around the place overnight when most of the time they’re sprawled out on my bed or outside during the warmer parts of the year. It will be too late to vacuum when I get home later due to living in a flat.

The bathroom while paint was still slightly wet.

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