Busy part of the year is about to commence.

I’m about to start my open university module. I’ve booked all my tutorials in advance this evening. The first session is a drop in session tomorrow morning quite early… may be logging in before I’m actually up properly. I don’t think it’s that important as it’s only half an hour. I need to turn up though because it’s the first session with the tutor we have this year. I don’t want to leave an impression that I’m one of those students that just isn’t bothered. We have a tutor group forum. The only two students that have introduced themselves so far aren’t even in the UK. The rest haven’t introduced themselves yet. That was the same as last year. There are only a few that actually introduce themselves on the tutor group forum. There wasn’t many of us attending the online tutorials either. There ended up being only three of us that regularly attended towards the time we finished the module last year.

I’m not sure if it will be different this year due to the fact that everything has ended up based online after the virus pandemic happened. There are lots of people on the welcome thread but we are all broken into different tutor groups. I ordered my bed today, so that will hopefully be here by the end of this month. I need to sort the carpets out over the next few weeks too. Some are being cleaned and two need replacing. The damage to the one in the bedroom was done by the cats, whereas I burnt the one in the lounge when I accidentally knocked the iron over. I need to also figure out how to paint the wall above my bath as it’s not safe to put the step ladder in there due to the slippery surface. I have done one of the walls that I could reach easily. The other parts are directly over the bath which is going to be quite challenging. I can’t leave those walls green and the other one pink because it looks awful as the colours aren’t even contrasting as they are completely the opposite end of the spectrum to each other.