I’m getting there… slightly.

I didn’t get up until stupidly late due to feeling tired and depressed. I made sure that I wasn’t lazy though. I went for a long walk and got a few bits of shopping on the way round. I didn’t get home until after it got dark as I didn’t go out until half 5. It cleared my head both emotionally and physically (runny nose due to cold). I know I’ve probably been a bit distant lately but I have a lot in my head at once. I’m tired quite a lot but that isn’t helped by not being able to settle down to sleep at night. I didn’t need toilet roll but people had emptied Asda due to this ridiculous panic buying. We may be heading into another lockdown but there is absolutely nothing to gain by buying up the entire stock at a local supermarket. There is no need for the greediness. We all need to work together. That is the exact opposite. The toilet paper hoarding behaviour happened months ago and it all worked out. People need to just chill. None of us have been through a pandemic previously. We are technically all figuring things out together. It may be stressful but those behaving like complete pricks are just not helping the unknown situation we all find ourselves in.

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