Month: September 2020

  • Life could have gone down a much more pleasant path if I hadn’t made the choice to stay moral.

    I have days when I regret taking the path that I chose growing up. The moral compass against things that weren’t right didn’t benefit me long term. I could have had a much better life if I’d have chosen to turn a blind eye to things that shouldn’t have been happening to people. I’m not […]

  • Life never stops being bizarre with a brain like mine!

    Today was basically a waste of time because I literally couldn’t wake up. I know that sounds really weird but it doesn’t freak me out any longer. This has happened to me most of my life and normally feels peaceful not frightening. I slept through my alarm and numerous phone calls from my mother. I […]

  • Frustration and tiredness, accompanied by insomnia, won today.

    I couldn’t sleep properly last night and I couldn’t wake up today. The next part of the painting didn’t get done because I couldn’t get out of bed today until mid afternoon. I had a doctors phone appointment this afternoon. I missed that too. I’m trying to be reasonable but after years of suffering with […]

  • Busy Bank Holiday Monday eventually…

    I had absolutely no motivation to even wake up until about 2pm. I thought that I wouldn’t get anything done as I hadn’t slept much last night. I eventually pulled my lazy bum out of bed. I went to get my weekly food shop. I came home thinking I was going to be completely lazy […]