Month: September 2020

  • I will be getting my son back one way or the other.

    I do not condone anything illegal. Others should definitely not verge on illegal actions unless necessary. I’m hoping that I do not have to go down that road myself. The legal routes of getting my son back one way or the other might not work. The chances are quite slim due to the fact that […]

  • I think that I fixed my issues!

    I just got back from a long walk. I did get slightly wet because a heavy shower started when I was nearly home. I had a waterproof on so I was prepared to potentially get caught in a shower. I also think that I fixed my monthly issues. I normally cannot go for a walk […]

  • Visited my dad in a dream.

    I don’t know how but sometimes I manage to visit my dad while asleep. I don’t even plan to do so. I just have a random dream and he appears. He normally appears to me in my own environment. Last time it was my home. This time we were in the garden of terraced looking […]

  • Sometimes making an effort isn’t worth the hassle.

    I try to do things for other people but I still don’t feel like I’m actually appreciated. I do all those things so that people don’t look at me as autistic or inferior to them. I am mostly not happy because it takes me a huge amount of effort to do things due to my […]

  • I can’t be the only person feeling totally fed up of the ‘new normal’!

    I have really had enough of the “new normal” due to the constant swings and roundabouts of restrictions. I probably won’t be the only one that feels they’ll go mad by the time we have been through this: another six months. I’m one of the people who has been following the regulations. Why should we […]