Sleep is such a difficult task.

The fact that I cannot sleep at night is starting to stress me out a lot. I find it hard to get things done during the day due to feeling exhausted. I wish that I could just sleep normal hours rather than waking up every few hours at night. I have a migraine due to not sleeping enough. I also feel like I’ve been punched in my eyes. They feel swollen and sore. I am literally feeling like I’m climbing a wall to get out of bed today. Struggling to get up sounds absolutely pathetic but it’s true. People assume that it’s laziness but it’s far more deeper than that. I am not a lazy person. I am like a different person when I have energy. That isn’t often but I get a lot done at those times. I just wish that I had more of those times nowadays. I burnt myself out while at college a few years ago. I would literally barely sleep and still get there for half 8. I had to leave at half 7 because I had half an hour to an hour journey depending on traffic. That was every day a week for a year. Then one day a week to finish off the subject I failed. I didn’t realise that it was damaging me in the long term. That’s another reason why I chose to study via the open university for my current degree. I don’t have to get to places for a certain time. I just make sure I’m at my laptop for tutorials and submit my work by the deadline.

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