I will be getting my son back one way or the other.

I do not condone anything illegal. Others should definitely not verge on illegal actions unless necessary. I’m hoping that I do not have to go down that road myself. The legal routes of getting my son back one way or the other might not work. The chances are quite slim due to the fact that authorities tend to ignore those with disabilities (especially when it comes to autism and forms of learning disabilities). I don’t want to drag my son into a war between me and his adoptive parents. He should have never been adopted in the first place. That also goes for many other children of parents who have been in the system. It’s not the adoptive parents fault. He now knows them as his primary carers. I will let them have contact with him if I achieve my goal. I realise that if I ripped him away from them it would be heartless.

He was ripped away from me which was heartless but no gave a damn about how those actions destroyed me. I don’t believe that there is anything good about human nature. I never feel that others will ever go out of their way to do something kind for me. That just doesn’t happen when you’re autistic. The normal types of relationships or friendships that you experience generally consist of being used and then discarded. That is what Jonny’s father did to both of us. Then social services discarded me as Jonny’s mother when they asked a court for adoption approval. I don’t like being subjected to this kind of abusive behaviour. I’m defective so I’m basically thrown in the bin, abandoned etc. I’m going to start fighting back. It isn’t fair. I shouldn’t have to put up with my son’s forced adoption. I have to get him back in my life as soon as possible. I am fed up of not being able to sleep properly. The only way that I will settle down is to fix that part of my life. He is the missing piece who should never have been taken from me. I was no threat to him. I’m harmless. They merely stole him via a legal order full of twisted truths by social workers which they had picked out of my files and reworded. I know this to be true. I need to make sure that I can prove this to the places and people that can reunite me with him. I’m no longer going to accept a decision that was so unjust and verged on discrimination. I don’t care if the law has legalised certain discrimination. The marginalized groups of people have tried to stop the discrimination against them by authority figures for many years. They’ve all stayed in the realms of not breaking the law. However, they’ve just been ignored for going through the proper channels. I’ve had enough. Things aren’t going to change unless the gloves are taken off. I don’t condone certain behaviour but sometimes there is no other option to reach a goal.