I think that I fixed my issues!

I just got back from a long walk. I did get slightly wet because a heavy shower started when I was nearly home. I had a waterproof on so I was prepared to potentially get caught in a shower. I also think that I fixed my monthly issues. I normally cannot go for a walk otherwise I end up in a huge mess. I only had to take one dose of my medication this month. If anything it is barely even doing much at the moment. I don’t know how I fixed it but it seems to be controlled now. I am wearing clothes that give me more room around that area. I no longer feel like I’m cramming all my curvy parts into a small size. It helps when your clothing doesn’t feel tight. I’ve also decided to not drink alcohol from today. After drinking 10 (mini) bottles last night which is a whole pack, I knew that I couldn’t go on like that any longer. I’m instead having a nice cup of tea without sugar. It doesn’t compare but I’m sure I’ll get used to non alcoholic drinks.