I can’t be the only person feeling totally fed up of the ‘new normal’!

I have really had enough of the “new normal” due to the constant swings and roundabouts of restrictions. I probably won’t be the only one that feels they’ll go mad by the time we have been through this: another six months. I’m one of the people who has been following the regulations. Why should we feel squeezed by even more restrictions due to the those that have just been waltzing around doing whatever they liked? Whether that was not wearing masks without having an exemption, going to raves and protests and not social-distancing. I am aware that, mentally, this way of life is stressful but we are going to be stuck in this position longer if people don’t stop mixing carelessly! I’m sure that, despite the threat of fines, there will still be people not bothering to stick to restrictions and guidelines. I cannot stand how the morons that have ignored instructions cause the rest of us to be stuck in this pandemic longer.

People have already lost their businesses and jobs. Many lost their lives too. The longer this situation continues the more this is going to happen. This could have a knock-on effect for others too. I always preach the rule of not taking life too seriously… but in this case, right now, we must take life seriously to get rid of the virus or at least get it down to an insignificant level. It is plain to see that we cannot rely on the government’s disorganised testing system. The only thing we can possibly do is try to stop it with our own actions. It only works if we all do our bit. It’s like a chain. If it breaks then the virus escapes into circulation again. We only have to forget to wash our hands, use hand gel, wear a mask (excluding exempt conditions), keep our distance once to spread it. This all has to become our natural routine otherwise we can never reach normality again. It’s technically like a video game. You have to complete the tasks required to finish the level. The quicker that you do the level, the quicker the game’s scenario changes when you reach the next level. That is basically how you must think to essentially defeat the virus. The virus is the boss character that you had to defeat at the end of Sonic the Hedgehog!