Tired but can’t sleep.

I am exhausted after my walk but I still can’t sleep. I have a migraine too. I took a painkiller for it … still there an hour later though. I feel like crying I’m that exhausted. I can’t stalk about why I’m like this on here. I have a private life which is making me feel like I’m climbing up the walls at the moment. I feel awful due to my monthly issues. I ache all around my lower back and stomach. That is uncomfortable. The painkiller has dulled the ache a bit but it still feels heavy and bloated. I also have a slightly swollen knee (hoping that this doesn’t fill with too much fluid again). I have a bruise on my thigh from carrying the bag of cat food back on my walk. It kept catching my thigh on the edge of the box corner sticking out the side of the bag. I feel rather battered tonight. I hope that my knee isn’t planning on having a flare up because I have too much to do at the moment so won’t be able to rest it much. I feel alone at the moment. I have loads of online friends but offline it’s different. I’m not the type who needs friends to be physically present most of the time.