Another long walk completed.

I went for another long walk before it starts to go back to the rainy weather tomorrow. I’m quite surprised that I didn’t gain weight i we the last week but I seem to have maintained exactly 11 stone 11. I know it’s really weird how it’s constantly staying at a repeated number. That number also has a specific meaning in the spiritual circle. It has 4 potential meanings which I’m not going into right now. I refuse to do any of that stuff when it’s my time. I do tarot readings but not often nowadays. It takes a lot energy that I don’t have to spare when I can’t sleep a lot. I’m worth using when I’m on my full form. I never got less than 4 stars from customers via O. I only left due this being screwed over by the site and they encouraged readers to string customers a yarn whether we saw anything or not to keep them returning. That would be beneficial to us readers if they hadn’t taken a high percentage of our earnings.

We were lucky to get £60 a month as everything was dollar exchange rate. We were told to sit there longer and it would attract more customers to us. You could sit there all day and only get two people go into private chat. That’s as much as I’m prepared to say as ex readers could get sued for even saying their full name. I was conned too as I used the site as well as read on it. They probably took about 5 grand off of me over a period of a few tests because they kept stringing me lines about a person that they knew I liked. I wasted time on someone that just was never going to fall for me and ended up in a lot of trouble. That is why I’m saying enough but not too much.