First walk in days! / return our forcibly adopted children Facebook page.

I got my lazy ass on a walk today. I haven’t walked in a week so it was a long walk. I’m still not back yet. I walked through Barwell and over to the next town. I’m on my way back now. I have runny eyes so I can’t see where I’m going properly. Allergies or a cold I suppose. It’s annoying! The fact that masks start to rise into the corner of my eye also irritate my eyes. That doesn’t stop them running. I know why I couldn’t sleep at night at all the last couple of days. I didn’t feel free due to having not walked for too many days in a row. That’s how my past affects me. I hate being stuck in one place for too long. That’s the ptsd issues that come from being locked in one space for hours at a time. Then not being able to leave just adds to that stuck in one place thing. I have such brittle nails at the moment and my bones are hurting. I’m not surprised as I’ve probably only slept 6 hours broken sleep mostly during the day this week. Normal people are supposed to get that amount of sleep per night not over a whole week. It also isn’t a great idea to avoid sunlight for too long either. I end up looking pale. I know that I’m naturally pale but I end up looking pasty. It makes me feel like crap after a week of no sunlight.

I also don’t sleep sometimes because I can’t settle knowing that I have my son out there getting to the age where he’s developing his own little personality. It would have helped if the adoptive parents had at least wrote me every few years. I’m going to miss all of his life. That hurts when I lost him more because of societies discrimination against me as an autistic person and there insistence on punishing me for being involved with the activism fighting for autistic rights since I was a teenager.

I see that many of you are joining the U.K. return our forcibly adopted children (I think that is the name of the page, as I set it up a long time ago. I see flurries of new likes at the moment. I still have admin privileges on that page but I share it with others that have been in similar situations. I can only assume that social services have been taking full advantage of the nationwide crisis that has come from the coronavirus fallout. I’m not trained yet as my law degree is still in the process of completion, however I will take a look at individual cases of parents having to represent themselves due to legal aid cuts. I can spot a loop hole easily. I have found that this is my speciality as I’ve got into the subject. I will be brutally honest if there is no legal solution. That’s not to be mean but even in my own case it’s too late to apply for contact via a court order after a specific amount of time. That hurts but it’s the cold hard truth of the limitations existing within the current structure of the legal system. I’m not qualified to legally represent anyone officially. If you want to be able to challenge decisions via court which have been made by a government agency you’ll either need to have millions or more in the bank which you can afford to burn on legal costs as legal aid doesn’t cover the more advanced legal cases. That’s impractical for the majority that have been failed by various authorities. Those people wouldn’t be relying on public services if they had a huge stash of money. The other option is to find a solicitor willing to take on test cases. That is difficult due to the type of case never having been through a court process successfully. Solicitors and barristers know that if the case isn’t successfully won then it’s potential career suicide for them. Test cases can attract publicity if they get up to the high court level. If that publicity is negative it leaves a stain on their reputation. You will have to ping between civil and the criminal courts. There will need to be judgments from civil court if it is proven that a previous decision has been wrong or against human rights etc. That is when you can take it through criminal court to get those involved made accountable for those actions. Then you will have to take that judgement (providing it goes against the other side) to the civil court to reverse any previous decisions made by the family courts. These could be quite long processes but you still have to be mindful of application deadlines relating to specific time allowed to make an application. You sometimes only get a few months at the most.