I’m back after a few days break from blogging!

I had a lot to do over the last few days. The haunted doll is settling in without any issues. She has a lovely energy. I’ve felt quite calm since she arrived. I was petrified about the prospect of owning a haunted doll but it’s not got a negative energy and nothing frightening has happened. I have never owned a porcelain doll before either.

I finally got a bath tonight after having to repeat a scared horse at the side of the A47 (left side) on the way back from the 24 hour Asda. I couldn’t live with myself if I hadn’t said anything to the authorities because it looked unsettled and like it would jump onto the road at some point. The police are looking into the report as an emergency. Hopefully the horse will be caught. It’s not in a safe place there, completely on its own and is visibly very unsettled. If it runs into an oncoming car it’s going to get hurt and cause a nasty accident. It won’t stand a chance against one of those massive lorries.

I have to go to bed now because I need to actually be up at a decent time tomorrow.

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