I know I’m being lazy but I feel like it!

I found out bad news in regards to the horse last night. I heard that it got hit by a motorcycle. I was trying to avoid it causing any accidents by reporting it as quickly as possible after I saw it. I also posted a message on my social media (apart from my Instagram) at about half 11 last night warning people to be careful in case the horse decided to bolt into the busy road. It was also posted on local groups and retweeted on twitter. I couldn’t have made more of an effort in trying to avoid the worse case scenario.

I was going to go out for a walk but had a long afternoon assisting my mother clearing out stuff I didn’t want in the bathroom. I need to chill out for the rest of the night. I can’t be bothered about my weight right now. I just don’t care about small things like that. I have my open university module starting in a few weeks. I’m not looking forward to it but I am unable to back out at this point. I really want to be a mother again but I’ve not met the right person yet. I know that isn’t an option while I’m on my own as I was burnt the last time when I had my son. I also know every lie my sons father told me now. I asked around in the area I used to live in. Apparently they didn’t go to live in France. I may be autistic but I’m not a idiot. He let me down as a friend and if Jonny finds us one day I will make him explain why his father was a coward. I am sick of people taking advantage of others who they perceive as weaker. I was never a fan of fighting back but after everything I’ve been through which was clearly legalised discrimination I’m beginning to become the kind of person who takes no shit from others. I recommended that the autistic community took legal action against an academic book which was released in 2013 implying that kids with autism are violent. Including research to support that theory from the 1800s. I even suggested that they track down the contributors and served legal action against them. I don’t think we should stand for any crap… we have been put through enough as individual autistics.