Telephone gp appointment wasn’t helpful. / meet my new haunted doll!

I had a phone appointment with my gp today. I was told that my scan results were normal. I asked about the cyst noted on my ovary. Apparently cysts are classed as a normal result. The cyst apparently can’t cause pregnancy symptoms which the scan also confirmed that I wasn’t. The symptoms I’m experiencing don’t feel psychological. How can I make myself physically flood my monthly? I can understand pain being caused by something psychological because that’s neurological. It doesn’t make sense to me. I also don’t need a smear according to the doctor due to the test coming back normal. I’m already nearly overdue by a year. I can’t afford to go private and why should I when the nhs hasn’t given me the one I’m entitled to by law due to my age group? I wouldn’t want to even consider taking up my smear invitation (which I got quite a long time ago just before lockdown) if I was sure that something wasn’t right. I’m just not convinced. I was told to keep controlling the times when I get heavy bleeding with the tablets I’m prescribed. I do that anyway. I know myself that a cyst isn’t something you normally have on an ovary. He tells me that it is normal. I am not a doctor so it’s not a wise idea to question their judgment. I’m definitely still anaemic (as the blood tests confirmed), I feel extremely tired and have been cold all day when it’s about 20 degrees outside.

On a slightly lighter note, I received the haunted doll today. Meet Phoebe (the doll came with the name). I’m not going to upset the spirit that uses the doll as a vessel by changing her name. I don’t know much about the spirit. Only that she’s female, older in years. She likes quiet places and cats. Mister has already sniffed her when he strolled passed her.