Nightmare day :(

I wasn’t even able to wake up today. I just hate life right now. I woke up in this mood. It’s one of those days leading up to that time. I get really down two weeks before. I still have things to do which involves housework so not too keen on doing those things. Both of the cats were sick. Mister was sick this morning and then Mimi was sick this afternoon. They don’t normally get sick at the same time. They both haven’t gone off their food so hopefully it’s just a temporary thing. They’ve wandered off outside now. I had to clean that mess up. Mister did it on the carpet. Luckily Mimi did it on the kitchen floor which was easier to get up. I hope that they don’t have the virus because that may mean I have it but I just seem like I have a cold. I’m the only one they’ve been near. There could also be a second national lockdown in the UK soon because the cases have risen quickly. I didn’t mind the first lockdown but there are aspects I really don’t want to go through again. The queuing outside the supermarket now that winter is coming will be awful. It will be a sensory nightmare with a mask on. I can tolerate it now but only for a short shopping trip. I couldn’t stand in a queue wearing one. I’m technically exempt due to having autism but I don’t carry proof of my diagnosis so I might get fined.