Decided to continue open university due to limited options.

I looked into the options regarding open university module cancellation. I discovered that it is too late to cancel both the module and the student loan. I’m therefore deciding that reluctantly I’m going to do this module. If I do manage to pass again (should do because it’s still a similar level to last years module) I can use the 250 credits towards any future degree studies. Those will add up to 500 credits once I’ve done this module. I still get something despite not liking the law subject. I would be fine if I could figure out how to correctly do the right structure, I.e IRAC format because the fact that I can’t do it properly stresses me out. I also lost marks on assignments due to lacking those skills. I luckily made up my marks to a pass with detailed content relating to the questions we were set. I also got an email today informing me that as I haven’t got a specific needs report regarding my disability difficulties my status is going to be changed to non special needs on my study profile and therefore I won’t be able to access any extra help this year. That is going to be adding to the difficulty. I won’t be able to get extra times on exams etc.

2 thoughts on “Decided to continue open university due to limited options.

  1. Good hamster.

    Though the lack of support is irritating; do they imagine you just sort of “recover from autism” or something?


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