Life could have gone down a much more pleasant path if I hadn’t made the choice to stay moral.

I have days when I regret taking the path that I chose growing up. The moral compass against things that weren’t right didn’t benefit me long term. I could have had a much better life if I’d have chosen to turn a blind eye to things that shouldn’t have been happening to people. I’m not the only one that fell into the trap of being morally guided and ended up in a life that could have been much more successful if I’d not tried to do the right thing. I think one of us should speak out about the labels that got put on those that went down the activist route against various bullsh*t that went on back in the day. The assumptions that we deserved those labels will be less mainstream if explanations are posted in the public domain. I make no secret that I was labelled a criminal so I may as well build on that knowledge which I’ve made public in the past. I may be quite short, young and shy when I went up against what got me labelled but I’ve built my followers to the point where I feel ready to talk despite the fact that I still lack confidence in a social capacity. I would just like to point out to any future activists types that your younger age will put you at a disadvantage whether you can see that now or not. You’ve not seen as much as you think or make out as an teen or twenty something. You will get burnt by someone older than you know on the opposite side of whatever you’re going up against. They’ll outsmart you by the years that they have on you as they’ve been in the system longer than you’ve most likely been alive. Build steps to taking whatever down rather than relentlessly attacking the issue like a bull in a china shop. This includes in things like spell work (if you’re into Wicca etc) because the energy that older people have built around them will severely ping back at you and come back to bite you quite strongly if you do things too often or too strongly. The balance has to be just enough so that the scale doesn’t tip too far either way. The belief that you’re invincible due to being young is a false belief. Trauma from the things that you get involved in will eventually sneak up until it’s right in your face. I promise you that you won’t even be aware of it at first. Others may start noticing it years before you can see it.

I could have been rich if I hadn’t chosen the wrong side (well, the side that is seen as moral fuelled by morals and law stuff). The skills, intelligence and the stamina that I used to have could have got me a lot of money if I’d worked for a proper organisation and not stuck up against the brutally wrong things going on in social care etc. I can’t get there now that I’m labelled, got health problems and always tired. I basically feel like an older woman for my age. I have a landlord (including his family) that owns tons of different thing. Then I have an aunt with a home near London that is worth probably well over a million pounds now. They have a house in Spain and numerous expensive type cars. I can never get that at this point as no one who has all that was labelled negatively by the criminal justice system or have a form of autism which developed into mental health issues over time due to lack of proper support for us.