Life never stops being bizarre with a brain like mine!

Today was basically a waste of time because I literally couldn’t wake up. I know that sounds really weird but it doesn’t freak me out any longer. This has happened to me most of my life and normally feels peaceful not frightening. I slept through my alarm and numerous phone calls from my mother. I didn’t hear anything. I was only aware of the dream in my head playing. I only remember a few parts of it now. The dream was rather weird. I mentioned my family member who died recently on here a few months ago. The one that apparently was my godmother but I never knew until after they passed away when it was mentioned. They were in the dream. There was a table full of people I didn’t know alongside them. They tried to get me to sit with them but I had an utter reluctance to do so. Every single time I had a slight hesitation in regards to deciding to sit down someone else took a spot. The relative kept getting me a spare chair but it was always taken. I decided to go find a chair but it took me to winding corridors. By the time I had got back into the hallway I was told that my relative had passed away. The fact that this relative has already passed away months ago makes this dream weird in itself. Maybe they wanted to say bye. But that doesn’t make any sense either because we had t seen each either for years. She never seemed bothered to keep in touch and even her mum (nana’s sister) only saw dad while he was alive. I’ve seen no one but my cousin since my dad passed away 10 years ago. They weren’t bothered in life so why connect with my dreams?

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