Busy Bank Holiday Monday eventually…

I had absolutely no motivation to even wake up until about 2pm. I thought that I wouldn’t get anything done as I hadn’t slept much last night. I eventually pulled my lazy bum out of bed. I went to get my weekly food shop. I came home thinking I was going to be completely lazy for the rest of the day. Then I decided to start painting the next wall. We didn’t decide to officially complete some more of the painting today due to how crap I felt when I woke up. Another wall is now done. I’m picking the next two cans of paint up tomorrow. I’m trying to get it done as quickly as possible without making a complete mess. I have extremely sore hands so I may have to wear gloves. It’s not easy to paint in plastic gloves though. I also changed my bed covers and sheets. I did some washing but that wasn’t much effort as the machine does most of the work. I suppose that ironing my clothes was after they were dry was effort on my part.

I am watching the television for a while before I go to bed. Half 12 at night isn’t that late for me. I probably will go sleep quite quickly tonight. I should be tired enough to just drop off because I haven’t sat down a lot since I got up today. I’ve forgotten what it is actually like to have a proper nights sleep. I keep waking up every so often. I have woken up at half 5 in the morning for over a week now. I think the cat keeps waking me up because the first thing I hear is a moaning type of meow. He literally wakes me up by meowing and then proceedings to curl up next to me. He then falls asleep after waking me up. I don’t understand it. He isn’t even hungry, it’s like he just wants to wake me up. Maybe he wants me to move over to another part of the bed or something. I don’t know why he has to decide to do that at a stupid hour. During the day he gets grumpy if anyone wakes him up. He should know how it feels when he wakes me up.

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