Month: August 2020

  • It’s felt like a long day again. Here’s Mister deciding he likes eating Vegan ice cream (video included)…

    I went out for a walk quite late because today has felt so long. I needed fresh air. We finally got some kind of organisation going for decorating today which didn’t make it as bad as yesterday. It can get annoying when your mother is constantly implying that you don’t do any housework. I know […]

  • I’ve had a stressful day!

    I have just sat down after hours of supposedly decorating. We got a few walls finished after experiencing issues with the paint rollers and how the paint wasn’t spreading evenly on the wall. Then I got moaned at by my mother for my place being untidy. I get accused of not doing anything around the […]

  • Sunshine all round today!

    I got up late but everything seems to have gone to plan today. The sun is shining outside and everything seems to be running smoothly. I am sat watching ‘the simpsons’ because there is nothing much worth watching on the television. I’m not a huge fan of television anyway. I have Netflix if I want […]

  • Quite stressed!

    The headphones that I only got about three weeks ago have already started breaking. The wires are about to break to the side of my headphones that has the control on it. Cheap shit from a popular website which I cannot mention for legal reasons. I will be having words with the seller when I […]

  • Busy day :) I haven’t stopped all day.

    I slept in until lunchtime because decorating for the last four days had taken its toll on me. I get exhausted so easily. I made up for sleeping in late today though. I went out to get a few bits from the supermarket. I needed some of that thick kitchen roll before I could do […]