Month: August 2020

  • I’m just stressed and upset.

    Today didn’t start off well due to the supermarket messing up my delivery. This meant that I have no proper food for the week. I have all the other things that I remember ordering apart from the food items. I’m 99% sure that I ordered them. I added the food that didn’t get here to […]

  • Overwhelmed enough to cry?

    I’m sure that I can’t be the only one that gets overwhelmed enough to cry. I haven’t actually cried yet. I have felt like crying over the last week during the late evenings. I’m not just a ‘hormonal’ woman. I have so much to sort out. That means spending more time around other people. I […]

  • Is my BEST enough?

    I have managed to get many things done today, despite those achievements, I still feel that I simply haven’t done enough. I emptied the wardrobe with the intention of clearing it out (getting rid of everything that I’m never going to use or wear again). I’ve left all the things on the floor. Then it […]

  • Long week!

    I have not blogged for a few days because it has been a crazy long week. We have been painting the flat this week. I feel tired due to rushing around earlier and not sleeping much last night. I popped the shop at lunch time only to discover that I had mislaid my debit card. […]

  • Sleeping is impossible tonight.

    I have laid here for hours unable to sleep. I’m worn out and have to be up earlier every day this week. There’s no way that I can stick to plans if I haven’t slept. I feel rough anyway. I haven’t had my monthly as expected yet. It should have come on four days ago. […]