The painting progress so far…

I have finished some parts with help from my Mother. I’m not sure about the hallway cream because they seem quite patchy. It isn’t easy to paint cream colours but as it’s rented accommodation I’m trying to stick with neutral colour schemes. The other one is a lavender colour. I have sore dry hands from painting which isn’t pleasant. We aren’t doing the painting over the weekend so my hands can have a break. They were fine until they got so dry that parts of my skin cracked. Incase anyone is wondering. The little toddler above is my son and a painting he did when he was still quite young. The painting isn’t much but it’s all (he was forcibly adopted at 14 months old) I have apart from the photographs I’ve kept of him. The other photo my cat photobombed as she insisted on sitting on her cat tower starring at me. That is Mimi, one of my fur babies. She is exactly like her eyes are portraying in the photo.

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