Marathon painting today.

I managed to do two full walls of paint with the roller today. I am used to painting as we have been doing each room. I just never got that fast until today. The first coat is on both walls. The second is due to be put on tomorrow. That will be my job again but it’s not going to be so much work as it’s merely painting another layer over the previous so that it looks even on the whole wall. I feel like I’ve ran a marathon. I haven’t exercised for a while apart from the odd walk. It feels hard moving around more again.

Lockdown was a lovely break but now we have to get ourselves back to normal activities. I have become the type of person I never thought I’d be. I have always been motivated towards goals in life. I lost that recently. We couldn’t go anywhere during months of lockdown conditions anyway. Even if I had wanted to socialise it was technically banned. I say technically because many broke the restrictions during lockdown. It seems that a lot of things went out the window during those few months. I saw some dangerous actions involving people drink driving. There was one guy who strolled into our corner shop admitting he was a bit drunk while getting another drink. He got into a car to drive after he came out the shop. I was going down there for alcoholic drinks but I hadn’t drank alcohol beforehand. I walked instead of driving due to the shop being so close to my home. The fact that I’m a lightweight when it comes to alcohol is beyond the point. I would never drive after having a drink. I may have thought about it while I was younger but I’m more sensible now. We are all stupid when we are younger though. I probably should have avoided alcohol throughout being pregnant with my son but I still had a social drink when I was out. Moderation and the odd occasion doesn’t hurt. It certainly didn’t do my son any harm. You can drive up until a certain limit which is also moderation. Drug driving has become a much bigger problem on our roads recently. Only the other week locally a two year old was knocked over by a driver who had been drinking and taking drugs. The two year old was severely injured due to his carelessness. Luckily he was convicted and received a driving ban for a year or so. Those types will just get back on the road after their ban has expired and do exactly the same again. I don’t think lockdown has helped anyone with addiction issues. I didn’t drink regularly before lockdown started. I hadn’t drank alcohol in over two years. I’d just kicked my addiction to painkillers too. I even lost weight at the start of lockdown because I had completely detoxified myself. The only substance I would have daily was caffeinated drinks, soda and tea. I started drinking more water to dilute the caffeine from those drinks. I don’t remember exercising a lot but I did walk every few days.

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