Too lazy and no will power when it comes to weight control.

I used to be the opposite of what I seem to have become. I’m always too tired to exercise which has materialised into no motivation. Exercise seems harder than it used to be when I carried less weight. I see lots of clothes that I cannot fit into and that is depressing. I never had a weight issue previously because I could exercise the pounds back off. I can’t any longer because I’m not the same person now. I used to tolerate exercise alongside being naturally self motivated. I always had the inner ability to push myself. I seem to have lost that relentless resilience as I reach my mid 30s. I find my weight gain depressing. I would love to slim back down. I just have the mindset that goes never mind I cannot be bothered so there’s no point working to change my body size. I don’t even want to be this way. I just struggle to be enthusiastic about anything nowadays.

It’s difficult to be bothered when mentally every day functioning feels like climbing a mountain at the moment. I enjoy food and alcohol too much to ever be slim again so why even try? It’s a common fact that you cannot consume alcohol most evenings and be able to lose weight. I like my lifestyle more than exercise.

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  1. I don’t think it helps to judge yourself too harshly though. An important thing to realise is that willpower, motivation and resolve are finite resources and when we have a lot of shit to deal with, there simply isn’t enough to go round. The sort of people who lecture us about lacking willpower etc are the sort of people who seldom have to exercise it (and going by their judgemental comments they choose not to anyway) so their opinions can be safely dismissed.

    If possible, try to work out what is causing that drain on willpower instead of internalising that criticism for not having more. Nobody has endless willpower because nobody is superhuman.

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