Is my BEST enough?

I have managed to get many things done today, despite those achievements, I still feel that I simply haven’t done enough. I emptied the wardrobe with the intention of clearing it out (getting rid of everything that I’m never going to use or wear again). I’ve left all the things on the floor. Then it seemed like a major task. The pile is left there outside the wardrobe. I did wipe the shelves of the wardrobe so it’s all clean and dust free. I vacuumed a lot of other dusty areas around my flat. Then I had to clean out the filter of the vacuum cleaner because it was full of gritty bits. The cats litter trays have been cleaned out. I also gave my hair its weekly wash and deep conditioning. That takes about an hour and a half for all the stages. I’m still waiting for my hair to dry (takes a while due to thickness) at midnight. I can’t go to bed with my hair this wet otherwise I will wake up with a lot of fizziness. I would have taken longer with my hair if I’d decided to put colour on the ends again. I will in a few weeks as there is still some colour running through the ends at the moment.

I finally had my eyebrows waxed today for the first time since lockdown restrictions ended. They look much more tidier with no more hairs sprouting in the middle or around the edges of my brows. I feel much better for finally getting them tidied up. I’m still not well though. I have felt quite down over the last few days. I think that it’s just hormones. I thought that I was going to get away with an easier time on my monthly until it kicked off earlier. It doesn’t seem to have kicked off too badly yet. I took my medication that I have to control it. I had to change my PJ bottoms but that was due to being caught off guard. I’m reasonably comfortable at the moment. I’m certainly not sure that it’s going to keep behaving itself, at least for the next few days. I don’t mind too much as long as it’s manageable. The medication enables me to have some control over it but sometimes even that isn’t helpful on the worse days.

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