Well, I’m still none the wiser.

I went to my appointment for the ultrasound scan. There is no structural issues eg. Fibroids or abnormalities within my womb. I got told that my womb was reverted though. I already knew this from when I was previously pregnant. They couldn’t find Jonny on the dropper thing on my first appointment so I had to have an extra ultrasound. It doesn’t explained what is going on now. I’ve been told to ring my GP next week. Others have told me not to read between the lines too much but woke is the questions I was asked concerned me. The doctor asked me when I had a last missed period and about previous pregnancies. I’m now starting to think that the cryptic pregnancy phenomenon may not be as crazy as I first assumed. I discounted that scenario due to not wanting to be seen as crazy. The blood test I had came back unexpected. Yes, I expected to be anaemic because I feel it but the other part that came back abnormal wasn’t my usual pattern. It’s passed the 9 months stage since I could have got pregnant but these stealth pregnancies last slightly longer. I’ve been trying to tell myself that I don’t feel kick like feelings. I put it down to the trauma of my sons adoption.