Cold, tired and everything is a mess.

I got up at a decent time today but I got tired after doing just a few things. In all honesty, the place is a mess. I made an effort. Exhaustion is making me feel heavy and overwhelmed. I took my cat out of my bed so that I could go back in there for a nap. He wasn’t impressed. He’s been snoozing for a few hours. It’s now my turn. He could have sat elsewhere on my bed; instead he decided to stroll off in a huff.

I have gone cold. I know that sounds ridiculous. I feel like I’m the odd one out since everyone else is feeling warm. It’s cooled down a lot. I get cold easily. I have my scan tomorrow morning. Hopefully it shows up the reason I’m tired all the time and why my monthlies are acting up. I want a solution to this issue. I don’t believe that it is just depression. I was fighting depression for a long time managing to get the energy together enough to get through GCSEs etc. I can’t fight the tiredness even if I have plans now. I’m not a lazy person. The tiredness is painful to fight. I can’t stay awake without feeling like I’m clinging onto the side of a mountain. It’s a horrible way to exist. I cannot make plans or even tidy up which results in living in chaos.