I cannot take the heat!

The heat has got too much. There’s no cooler air outside despite the thunderstorms having gone through. This kind of heat has gone on too long now. I went to put the bin out, the wandering cat followed me in. He was sprawled out by our door. I know exactly how he feels but it’s probably ten times worse for animals due to being covered in fur. Mister is sprawled out on the bed.

Mimi has just come back after she had been outside for a while. I think she’s a bit insane. She literally decided to pop out right before the rain and thunder started early this morning. She came back in looking like a drowned rat after the storm stopped. Her brother was hiding under the bed as soon as he heard the first rumble. I’ve never heard of a cat actually choosing to go out in that weather. Especially when she had been on my bed for most of the night. She’s a little bit strange. As far as I know there’s nothing wrong with her. That’s just her personality, she has her strict preferences and gets grumpy if I try to stop her going out in that kind of weather. I let her do what she likes most of the time. Unless it involves scratching things or fighting with her brother. Mister can be a pain because he likes to try to start fights with his sister. It’s only play fighting but it can get quite nasty at times. She growls at him and they start biting at each other. She’s smaller than him so I don’t want him to hurt her by accident. Mimi can look after herself despite her size. She will growl at animals much larger than her. Her claws come out and she will fight anything.

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