It’s felt like a long day again. Here’s Mister deciding he likes eating Vegan ice cream (video included)…

I went out for a walk quite late because today has felt so long. I needed fresh air. We finally got some kind of organisation going for decorating today which didn’t make it as bad as yesterday. It can get annoying when your mother is constantly implying that you don’t do any housework. I know it’s a mess but I’m quite tired all the time. I do what I can. I still always feel like I am doing some form of housework. I may as well not have even cleaned the bird poop off of my car bonnet the other day. I went out earlier only to find that they had pooped down the exact same spot after just a few days. Sometimes I feel like I’m wasting my time. For example, my mother mentions how much hair is covering the surfaces and floor of my flat regularly. That is what happens with pets. The hair that you’ve vacuumed up the day before is normally back the very next day.

I thought my mum had broken my washing machine by just touching it earlier. It turned out to be the trip switch to the power box had turned all the mains off. The lights switch didn’t trip. It seems fine since I went back up there to flip it back on. I don’t want any bad luck stagnating in my surroundings. I know that spiritual stuff can affect the electricity. I’ve had bulbs blow on me a lot over the passed decade. As long as it’s not that black shadow figure that they let out as teenagers then I’m okay. I don’t think that it’s going to return after I told it to F off due to years of waking me in the middle of the night. It used to shake me and growl. I know that it was personally attached to me due to the fact that it followed me to all the places that I have lived in. I’m naturally sensitive. This dark thing must have been aware of that side of me. I know that they cause bad luck too. That explains a lot in regards to family life events over the years. I don’t take no sh*t when it comes to these things.

I am going to leave you with a video of my cat, Mister…. he decided that he likes vegan ice cream.