I’ve had a stressful day!

I have just sat down after hours of supposedly decorating. We got a few walls finished after experiencing issues with the paint rollers and how the paint wasn’t spreading evenly on the wall. Then I got moaned at by my mother for my place being untidy. I get accused of not doing anything around the every day cleaning and tidying of my flat. I try to do things as much as possible. I’ve been unwell for over a year. I’m always tired. I also struggle with sleep. The two combined doesn’t help. Then I have depression from time to time on top of those things. I have a scan in just over a weeks time to see what’s up with my personal issues (not going into them here). I’ve had enough of being constantly tired. These tasks have needed to be done for a long time. I said that the decorating was going to be done. I stick by my word when I say that something is going to be completed. I will feel better myself once my surroundings look more pleasant too. I feel like crap most of the time. I’m trying my best but it never seems good enough.